Nature and the Human Soul
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Praise for Soulcraft

“As we enter a future where humans and the natural world are more intimate with each other, we will surely be powerfully influenced by this new guide into the mysteries of nature and psyche. In Soulcraft, Bill Plotkin gives us an authentic masterwork. In the substance of what he has written, in the clarity of his presentation, and in the historical urgency of the subject, he has guided us far into the new world that is opening up before us. We will not soon again receive a work of this significance.”
— from the foreword to Soulcraft by Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth and The Great Work

“Here is an abundantly wise and carefully crafted survival guide for the wild soul currently dozing (or dying) at the heart of your civilized life. Plotkin has wandered again and again into the nourishing darkness, and has returned with this earthly bundle of insights and images — talismanic tools for awakening to the outrageous depths both within us and all around us. He has bound them into a book that is immensely practical, alive with ritual intelligence, thick with useful tools from a host of courageous comrades.”
 — David Abram, author of The Spell of the Sensuous

“The fundamental worldview of industrial society is that Earth is like a gravel pit or a lumberyard — just a resource for human use. We live disconnected from the evolving earth community, but our deepest allurement is a rich, intimate participation in nature and the ongoing adventure of the Universe. In this stunningly original and inspiring guidebook, Bill Plotkin shows us how to reconnect with the sacred powers of life, of nature, of soul, and the ways that each one of us can reinvent ourselves and discover our unique way to flower forth.”
— Brian Swimme, author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos and The Universe Is a Green Dragon

“Those who allow Bill Plotkin’s musings to pass have allowed a diamond to fall from their pockets. Those who value the mystical secrets, the magic and mysterious in nature and the human soul, had better check their pockets, for there are priceless items here, far rarer than diamonds. There are huge questions here, and wisdom worthy of the twenty-first century. For in Soulcraft we find a new language, a new therapy, and a burning passion to get to the very heart of the universe. The answer to our difficulties? If not, a very important part of the answer. Check your pockets!”
— Steven Foster, Ph.D., and Meredith Little, directors emeritus, School of Lost Borders

“A poetic and yet intellectually rigorous exploration of the essential relationshop between the human soul and wild nature, Soulcraft guides the reader on a journey of descent, to return with gifts for a hungry world.”
— Molly Young Brown, author of Growing Whole and co-author with Joanna Macy of Coming Back to Life

“Radical, embodied, and mature, Soulcraft lays a map for those seeking to launch beyond the psychic and social limitations assumed in modern society. Please read this book. Please live it.”
— Chellis Glendinning, Ph.D., author of Off the Map and My Name is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization

“Within the concepts, principles, and practices embodied in Soulcraft rests the foundation for a possible future that is worthy of humanity’s coming of age. Soulcraft is a culmination of a quest for understanding that goes back 6,000 years. This book will permeate the collective consciousness of the future in the same manner as Erik Erikson’s Childhood and Society shaped the 1950s and the work of Abraham Maslow shaped the 1960s.”
— Dan Popov, Ph.D., author of The Family Virtues Guide

“How can we begin our life’s deeper conversation within the greater world of Nature? Bill Plotkin shows us the path.”
— Dolores LaChapelle, author of Sacred Land, Sacred Sex



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