Nature and the Human Soul
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Programs Based on the Soulcentric Developmental Wheel

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Bill Plotkin’s new book, Nature and the Human Soul, introduces an innovative model of human development, the Soulcentric Developmental Wheel, which reveals how fully and creatively we can mature when soul and nature are embraced as our wisest and most trustworthy guides. The Wheel — based on traditional four-directions wisdom and re-shaped for the Western world — is a modern eco-psychology of human development and cultural change. A lifespan model of development from infancy through true elderhood, the Wheel presents eight stages of human life and shows how each stage is essentially independent of chronological age, biological development, cognitive ability, or social role. Rather, movement from one stage to the next occurs by making progress with the psychological and spiritual tasks specific to each stage. Nature and the Human Soul presents an achievable vision of a contemporary way of life that holds soul-discovery and genuine contribution to community as its most central features and goals.

Soulcentric Developmental Wheel Intensives

Our 4-day Soulcentric Wheel Intensive offers participants the opportunity to learn about and deepen their understanding of this nature-based model of human development. These intensives use talks, conversation, story telling, experiential exercises, and ceremony to explore the Wheel and its applications to education, parenting, rites of passage, psychotherapy, life coaching, personal growth, and cultural change. You will discover how to use the Wheel to clarify your own next steps of soul-infused personal development and to contribute to this century’s Great Turning from our Industrial Growth Society to a Life-Sustaining Society. The Soulcentric Developmental Wheel is the conceptual foundation for Soulcraft and for all Animas Valley Institute’s programs.





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