Nature and the Human Soul
Desert Images

Soulcraft - Table of Contents

List of soulcraft practices     xi
Foreword by Thomas Berry     xiii
Acknowledgments     xvii
Prologue: Weaving a Cocoon     xxi
Introduction: A Trail Guide to Soul     1

Part One: Severance

Chapter 1
Carrying What Is Hidden as a Gift to Others     7
Chapter 2
Groundwork: A Briefing for the Descent to Soul     21
Chapter 3
Sinking Back into the Source of Everything:
The Call to Adventure     45
Chapter 4
The Wanderer and the Second Cocoon     67
Chapter 5
The Darkness Shall Be the Light:
Practices for Leaving Home     79

Part Two: Pathways to Soul Encounter

Chapter 6
Recovering the Image  You Were Born With     113
Chapter 7
Inner Work     127
Chapter 8
Communing with the Others     153
Chapter 9
Bridging Inner and Outer     181
Chapter 10
The Vision Quest and Soulcentric Ritual     211

Part Three: The Return

Chapter 11
Cultivating a Soulful Relationship to Life: Part 1     231
Chapter 12
Cultivating a Soulful Relationship to Life: Part 2     261
Chapter 13
Living As If Your Place in the World Mattered     303

Notes     333
Resources for Further Exploration     341
Bibliography     349
Acknowledgments of Permissions     355
Index     359
About the Author     368

Soulcraft Practices

Practices for Leaving Home
Honing the Skills of Self-Reliance     81
Relinquishing Attachment to Your Former Identity     85
Completing Unfinished Business from Earlier Life Stages     86
Giving Up Addictions     88
Welcoming Home the Loyal Soldier     91
Healing Work with the Sacred Wound     97
Learning to Choose Authenticity over Social Acceptance     101
Making Peace with the Past: The Death Lodge     105
Learning the Art of Disidentification through Meditation     109

Pathways to Soul Encounter
Soulcentric Dreamwork     129
Deep Imagery     145
Council Work     155
Sacred Speech and Silence     159
Trance Drumming and Rhythms     160
Ecstatic Trance Dancing     162
Ceremonial Sweats and Saunas     165
Talking across the Species Boundaries: Dialogues with Nature     167
Signs and Omens in Nature     172
Animal Tracking and Other Methods of Skillful
Nature Observation     177
Self-Designed Ceremony     183
Traditional Ceremonies, Rituals, and Nature Festivals     190
Symbolic Artwork     191
Journal Work     195
The Discovery, Creation, and Use of Symbols and Sacred Objects     197
The Use of Hallucinogens within Soulcraft Ceremonies     200
Stories and Storytelling     203
Soul Poetry, Music, Chanting, and the Bardic Tradition     206
Body Practices for Altering Consciousness     208
The Vision Quest     213

Cultivating a Soulful Relationship to Life
The Art of Solitude     233
Nature as Mirror     236
Wandering in Nature     241
The Art of Being Lost     247
Befriending the Dark     253
Living the Questions of Soul     258
Confronting Your Own Death     263
The Art of Shadow Work     267
Withdrawing Projections     274
The Art of Soulful Romance     280
Mindfulness Practice     295
Developing a Personal Relationship with Spirit     298



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