Nature and the Human Soul
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Bill Plotkin's 2012 Schedule   

Jan 19 -22   Soulcentric Developmental Wheel, in New Mexico, with Fr. Richard Rohr, Nature-Based Human Development from Infancy through True Elderhood  Details >>   

Feb 5 -10   Romancing the World in California at Esalen, with Geneen Marie Haugen, Crossing into the Mysteries of the More-than-Human World   Details >>    

Feb 17 -18   The Revelation of Mythopoetic Destiny, New Program   Details >>   

Mar 28 - Apr 1   Sweet Darkness: The Initiatory Gifts of the Shadow, the Loyal Soldier, and the Sacred Wound in Nevada, with Jade Sherer, Advanced Program  Details >>

June 15 - Creating a Vital Human-Earth Partnership – A Friday Evening Talk at The Well, near Chicago, Bill will be receiving the 2012 Sacred Universe Award at this event. Details >>

June 20 -24   SAIP Residential, in Colorado, with Sabina Wyss (for SAIP trainees only), Advanced Training  
Details >>

June 25 -29   Shadow Training in Colorado, with Peter Scanlan, Advanced Training  Details >>   

July 11 -15   Soulcraft Intensive in Calgary, Canada, Soulcraft Intensive   Details >>   

Sep 5 -9   Wildness and Shadowed Wonder in Wyoming, with David Abram, Crossing into the Mysteries of the More-than-Human World   Details >>

Sep 27 - Oct 10   Underworld Journey: An Advanced Animas Quest in Colorado/Utah, with Geneen Marie Haugen, Animas Quest   Details >>   

Nov 7 -11   Yearlong Soulcraft Immersion in the American Southwest: Cultivating Soul-Infused Artistry and Leadership in a Time of Global Change, with Mary Marsden, Yearlong Soulcraft Immersion Program  Details >> 

Dec. 5-9 Wheel Training Session 3 with Sheila Belanger Details >>  

Dec. 30-Jan 4 Re-Wilding the Future: Soul, Imagination, and a New Planetary Era, in California, at Esalen, Crossing into the Mysteries of the More-than-Human World  
Details >>






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